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Born in Milan, where she begins her dance education, Nina trains herself and works in New York with different choreographers from the American modern and contemporary dance scene such as Max Stone, Jana Hicks, Milton Myers, among others. Her artistic path is enlarged thanks to studying and performing experiences in Tel Aviv, Catania Sweden, Switzerland and through her work as a member of the international and travelling Bakagaijin Dance Collective. While in Italy, Nina joins workshops with Choreographer Gabriella Maiorino and works on both music and dance video creations pursuing her visual and movement research as well as exploring interactions between dance and music improvisation through her and drummer Stefano Grasso’s BluBox Project. Nina's Videos have been recognized and projected by 26ª Quinzena de Dança de Almada - International Dance Festival, Espressioni 2017 by Perypezye Urbane, EA! Encuentro de Autoedicion.

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